Sci-Fi Thriller - Feature Film

In the near future, a man experiences terrifying visions of a past he can’t remember. His partner, who secretly works for a company that manipulates memory, attempts to uncover the mysteries surrounding them.

Director & Writer - Luke Tedder

Lead Cast - Adam J Bernard (Olivier Winner, Dreamgirls), Vanessa Russell & Jessica Andrews

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About the Production

The journey making Precognition was long and challenging but ultimately a rewarding creative experience for us. Originally titled "App For Life", the idea was for it to be a short film, it wasn't till late 2015 that we decided it could be adapted into a feature. In early 2016 we shot an early version of the script which was ultimately scrapped and instead used as proof of concept, some of which was featured in our successful Kickstarter campaign in July 2016, to raise funds for the non-profit project. The script was re-worked and we officially began principle photography in August 2016. We edited and completed VFX as we continued to shoot, ultimately completing the film in February 2018. We were lucky enough to be featured in several festivals (Sci-fi London and Other World's Austin 2018). After completing our festival run we decided to self-distribute online to multiple free platforms and Amazon Prime with any funds accumulated going to our charity of choice Alexander Devine Children's hospice

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Precognition also does a great job at keeping the audience guessing as to where it’s going. It’s packed to the gills with original ideas and concepts, which along with a great looking visual sense, provides a strong option for those looking for exciting new sci-fi. A markedly good sci-fi film that doesn’t reveal its low-budget too obviously – indeed, the effects and visuals look like coming from a far more expensive flick – the film is a solid addition to the list of new sci-fi features.

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Adam J Bernard is terrific as James. His portrayal of the ex-soldier’s emotional disintegration is harrowing; and he’s utterly believable facing the physical ordeals he has to go through from the very first scenes. I also really liked Jessica Andrews as Georgia – she’s a gritty, wary, wiry fighter who’s had to lose any of the softness of her middle class upbringing. Gareth Lawrence, too, is impressive as Peter, one of the original scientists behind the technology, who effectively sells his soul.

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I often spot the unexpected twists in these sorts of films long before they arrive, but there are several stunning revelations here which caught me by surprise. — and yet are intimately tied into the real story lurking beneath the illusion created by Retina.  It is impressive how well it all fits in together — and that this is a decidedly character driven story.

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